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Are MBA Online One Year Programs Difficult? MBA online one year programs have become popular choices for professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and advance their career options. These MBA online one year degrees are not impossible to graduate from but do require that the student realize the acceleration the student will face while getting their degree. Potential entrants into an MBA online one year program should consider the following questions and answers and be certain they can devote themselves to the program before signing up.

Are the requirements for an MB online one year program different than a traditional two year program? Yes. Professionals wishing to enter an MBA online one year program must meet strict requirements that cover both academics and professional work history. Many...
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Maryland - Smith to Offer a Part-Time MBA Program in Washington DC

Beginning this fall, the University of Maryland's Smith School of Business will offer a part-time MBA program on its Washington DC campus. The new program will combine online course material with in-class sessions, which will take place two Saturdays per month. According to the course webpage, the school is hoping to attract DC-area professionals with around five years of work experience, on average. To apply, interested parties will need to take either the GMAT or the GRE. The program can be completed in two years. Maryland - Smith also offers part-time MBA programs on its Baltimore and Rockville, MD campuses, as well as a pure online MBA program. For more information, please see Maryland - Smith's part-time MBA program webpage.

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